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Legal | Define Legal at Dictionary.com

mid-15c. "of or pertaining to the law," from Middle French l read more...

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Is It Legal? | Fox News

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Jeff Sessions dogged by old allegations of racism

But with the new attention on Sessions -- who has emerged as the top candidate to be the next attorney general, according to a transition official, setting up a potential Senate confirmation hearing -- old allegations of racism against the Alabama read more...

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Bill Cosby's lawyers want his trial moved out of Montgomery County

NORRISTOWN, Pa. -- Bill Cosby wants to move his trial out of a suburban Philadelphia courthouse, arguing there's been widespread negative press coverage of the sexual assault case.

Lawyers for the 79-year-old comedian filed a motion Friday read more...

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Most Interesting Legal Cases of 2011

The legal system was tested in 2011 and while some cases ended in applause, there are debates whether the conclusions of others resulted in justice.

In some criminal or civil cases, the legal maneuvering is just beginning.

But from t